We assist, protect and educate our beneficiaries  in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Especially to help them to know and defend their fundamental rights. see more

*Health care assistance

*Mine risk education
*CPR and first aid training

*Promotion of international legal instruments

We provide assistance with school fees and Stationaries such as computers, books, school uniforms and stationery.


Education is a basic human right, However, there still underprivileged children living in extreme poverty are not attending school. 

We  focus on strengthening the conditions of school properties, identifie the community need and provide a balanced benefit to many young people to benefit from a better system of education.
We seek and identify appropriate partners to the implementation of projects related to education. We strongly believe that education is a key of  success and development in life. Therefore, we support children and youth in accessing likely education in order to build a better future for them.

Empowerment of women communities

Working with communities to break the cycle of poverty and hunger

Most of the time women and young girls are exposed to prostitution due to the poverty and any kind of abuse. 
We related most of our activities of training and livestock in they favour and make them the priority to impact their lives and enable them to take good care of themselves, their families and also the communities.

After training, we provide them with the necessary equipment to start a small business related to the training.

Actions for Communities Development

In regard to community development, we take pride in involving communities and engaging them to be committed to the journey of breaking the cycle of poverty through different activities which will develop their communities and improve their living capacities. We get in contact with them to identify their needs and plan for possible solutions along with them.

In most communities in the rural areas, the main activities of the population are farming and livestock. Therefore We work together with agronomist and livestock specialists to train the population on how to grow nutritive food which can be turned into sustainable businesses.
We conduct our projects and activities with local people, providing them with skills and knowledge to support their communities and improve their economy through farming, live stocking and introducing man and women in small businesses.

After training, we provide them with the necessary equipment to start a small business related to the training.


The health is a serious issue in the DRCongo. Patients often face financial hardship which results to the lack of medicines, food and hospital fees,  in fact, they have not enough access to an appropriate care.
There is also a limitate number of nursing staff who also experience difficulties to perform their work due to the lack of equipment, sanitary installation, and medicines, which result in high mortality among especially among women and children.
However, we provide small assistance consisting of some products of first necessity with the determination to implement  projects of assistance to the sick and strengthening capacity or working conditions of nursing staff members for the well-being of patients. 

Mines Risk Education

After the post conflict period. antipersonnel mines can still make victims, Obstruct agriculture activities and also affect the natural environment. The populations living in those areas are the most affected as they main activity is agriculture. 
Therefore we educate the population on the landmines areas to prevent the risk and keep them safe until the demining of the area.
CPR Training
We provide the population with the basic knowledge on how to perform CPR and provide first aid.