Problem with conflict mineral in D.R.Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been plagued by regional conflict for more than a century. Congo’s natural resources has been a principal cause of atrocities and conflict throughout Congo’s tortured history.One of the reason of the conflict been trading of four main minerals. The ores produce tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold

These minerals mined in the eastern part of the Congo are used to manufacture cellular phones, tablets, and laptops making them ever smaller, thinner, lighter and more powerful.These mineral resources as source of conflict have weakened the social economic factor of the Congo, killed and made so many victims among women and children

This worse strategy has made up to Tens of thousands of Victims of sexual abuse whom are facing grave consequences such as psychological and sexual illness including HIV they're also exposed to undesirable births to injuries and even death. Threats are common while medical care and psychological support are very limited. Even if they were enough support victims are often ashamed to seek for treatment because they're afraid of being shunned by society and their families because of their conditions.

These  Videos will help you understand the issue.

Video Published by Congo London City
Smartphones: The world in your pocket - The Congolese Blood in your hand Youtube Video by MUKELENGE

Problem with Landmines

Antipersonnel mines are indiscriminate weapons that injure and kill civilians in every corner of the globe, every day. 
Lying in wait for their victims, they don't recognize ceasefires and continue to kill and maim long after the end of conflicts. They instill fear in communities and are a lethal barrier to development. Read the Treaty here

Antipersonnel mines are made of plastic, metal or other materials, they contain explosives and some contain pieces of shrapnel. They can be activated by direct pressure from above, by pressure put on a wire or filament attached to a pull switch, by a radio signal or other remote firing method, or even simply by the proximity of a person within a predetermined distance.

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